Welcome! The West Virginia South District’s Nazarene Youth International (NYI) program provides teens with¬†activities that promote spiritual growth and fellowship. Through district events, our young people have the opportunity to socialize and connect with others who share their values and beliefs. We believe that any opportunity our youth have to get together with others from across the district helps promote a greater bond of Christian love, friendship, and fellowship. We want our teens to learn to be global Christians, and this starts with district events. These events help teens get out of their circle and provides them with the opportunity to meet and form bonds with other teens from across our district.

District NYI events also provide a great way for our youth leaders to form bonds of support and friendship with other youth leaders from across the district. God has called us to serve one another, and we are only able to do that effectively when we get to know others personally. We have to develop a caring relationship with others in order to give them the support and encouragement they need. Our mission as youth leaders does not end with our own local youth group. We are called to serve others across our district as well.

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