Nazarene Youth Conference 2019


Hosted by the Church of the Nazarene, Nazarene Youth Conference (NYC) is a powerful youth event that has been held in different locations over the past six decades. NYC takes place every four years and provides an opportunity for high school students from the USA and Canada to be united in a time of worship, teaching, and community service. The event includes:

  • A 4-day youth conference for high school students
  • Ministry With Others community service projects that impact the host city
  • Plenary sessions featuring engaging speakers and creative artists
  • Worship services led by a skilled worship band
  • Live concerts featuring top Christian recording artists
  • Daily teachings that challenge and unite students
  • Resources students can take home after the event
  • Interactive experiences designed for group discipleship and creative learning
  • Recreation Hall with individual and group activities, games, and exhibits

To learn more about signing up with the WVS District, download the forms below!

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Announcing NYC 2019

NYC 2019 FAQ

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